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4 Benefits Of Cycling To Work


If you are thinking of biking to work, there should have been some spur that led to this decision of yours. The health benefits might be the sole reason behind switching the method of commute. Being on two wheels can put you at a higher advantage than just a better breathing or a healthier lifestyle. Waiting for the light to turn green for over three or four times at a junction would be the last thing you want if you are running late. But with the increasing number of vehicles on the road, it has become an almost inevitable hassle. There surely are ways to avoid being clogged on the street. Cycling is one easy way out of this trouble. You get exposed to many such benefits when you select cycling over any other mode of transport. Here are some of the most noteworthy benefits of cycling to work.

Save Money

1.      Save Money on Wheels

Everyone feels a sense of privilege when they have the air conditioner setting up a cool atmosphere in the confined space that circulates the traffic’s heat. Most of these people fail to notice that they pay a premium to be at this advantage, which turns out to be a bane in the long run. If your car continues to use around 2L of gas every day for the commute, you can end up consuming around 650L per year.

A chunk of your earnings is squandered for the fuel for your vehicle. Apart from this daily expense, you also need to spend extra money on your car when it needs maintenance. Insurance is another huge expense that you have to take, and it keeps recurring too. Using a bike for the whole year to commute will not cost you more than $100. You get to save a considerable amount of money by cycling to work.

2.      Stronger Muscles and Healthy Heart

Cycling is most often considered a practice for the fitness freaks. Pedaling the cycle every day to work is not an activity set apart exclusively for the people who focus on brawn. Your overall fitness can be enhanced by riding to and from your workplace. At least 2-3 hours of rigorous physical training every week is required for a body to stay healthy. Many studies have proven that muscle mass increases with cycling, and also that heart fitness improves. Older people show this health trend higher than in the younger employees.


3.      Lower Risk of Cancer and Diabetes

Going to work is an integral part of life. Doctors and health experts state that cycling should also be considered as a necessity in life. By biking to work every day, the heart functions more efficiently. Besides the effect on the heart and muscles, it can also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and certain cancers like colon and breast cancer.

4.      Stable Mental Health

Although stability and security in mental health cannot be guaranteed just with the cycling session, it can surely contribute to fostering a healthier state of mind. Happy thoughts will start taking over your brain, and it promotes a clearer way of looking at things. The risk of depression also reduces with regular cycling.

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