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Cycling to work means better health and a longer life. Here’s how to get started


By now, we all are aware of the benefits of cycling, which is also a great way of fitting a physical activity into the very technologically busy world we’re living in today. What better way to start your cycling journey than riding to and fro to work?

Not only will you find the best and the most inexpensive means of commute, but simultaneously get the best form of physical activity — hitting two birds with the same stone! It’s good for your health, and the environment’s health because the only fuel you’ll need is your breakfast But where to start?

How you have a lot of questions running on your mind. We will try to provide all the essential answers to your questions, in this article. Stick till the end…

Keeping your bike safe

Can you cycle that far?

A rough rule of thumb and some keen observations says that an average person who is not accustomed to traveling on cycle every day, can cover a distance of five miles in half an hour. This pace only increases with time. As you get fitter probably it gets better and easier. However, if you stay really far off work, the best solution is to drive half the way and cycle the other half. This way, you get to your destination faster and also get your exercise done.

Condition of the bike

If you’re uncertain about your bike’s condition whether it can travel that far, then it is better to start with a local bicycle that is available on mobile apply in almost all metropolitan cities. The next drill will be to take your bike to the mechanic and get everything fixed, once you gain the confidence of rising on busy roads.


Won’t you be sweaty or drenched in rain?

The only want to avoid being all sweaty when you get to work, is to take it easy. It’s no race, you can take your time by leaving your home early. You literally don’t have to sweat it. If you’re worried about getting drenched, then you could use a waterproof jacket or simply skip cycling on that particular day to avoid any chaos and stress early in the morning.

Keeping your bike safe

Not many safety measures are there to keep your bicycle safe. Mainly because it is so early to life and walk away, and you’ll realize it missing only at the end of the day. Hence, to keep it safe, you need to use a D lock and lock your cycle to a pole or a nearby car — something that will not move easily. If you’re still paranoid about your cycle being stolen, you can simply rent one Every time you want to commute to the office or to and fro. It will keep you away from working all day about your cycle.



One of the important aspects is to gain confidence and do it for at least a week, and you’ll get addicted to the routine. If you’ve not been using your bicycle from a long time then your confidence might be a bit shaken. Hence, take time to gain that confidence backed by cycling on free streets.

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